Since the first Junior Enterprise was created, in 1967, the Junior Enterprise movement has reached global scale and now engages more than 40.000 students worldwide who want to foster entrepreneurship and learning by doing by running their own enterprises, thus providing services for companies and society.

Students develop both technical and interpersonal skills but also practice corporate social responsibility and on long term they help to a more productive workforce that has a positive impact on the business world.

Linking with academia, Junior Entrepreneurs raise the quality of campus life, motivate the other students to be more entrepreneurial and endorse the branding of their university.

Our goal is to have the Junior Enterprise movement recognised worldwide as a true force in shaping young business minds across the world.

Our mission is to develop the professional skills – soft, technical and entrepreneurial – of students around the globe, to connect them and support their development, thus increasing their social impact.

Our Confederations

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